Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spin (Retard continued)

She was walking down the hallway when a ball suddenly rolled across the room in front of her, followed closely by the dog who scrambled after it but fell over sideways. The dog immediately popped back up, feet flailing around the wood floor, and nearly toppled over again before finally reaching the ball. She turned the corner and found her husband in the other room laughing.

“What did you do to our dog?”

“She’s just dizzy.”


ThePolkaDottedOwl said...

since i am new to the whole 'retard' thing, please explain.

i love how you have random posts. almost as if you are writing your thoughts as they come to you.

Eve said...

Amazing stuff.

experimental said...
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Scribbler said...

Hey Polka, Retard is a continuing story (I use the word story lightly) so it might make more sense if you start from the beginning. It's not chronological, and some may find it confusing, but hopefully it will make more sense by the end.

Thanks Eve.