Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tape (Retard continued)

He put the ball on the table and she leapt onto it, then he quickly slapped the tape on her back. She jumped off and began biting at the tape but soon gave up and went after the ball again. He pulled off another piece of tape and she tried to run off but he slapped that one on her too. She rolled onto her back, biting at the tape that was just out of reach as he went into a fit of laughter. “You're such a retard.” He squeaked the ball and ran across the house making indecipherable doggie noises at her as she chased him around snapping at the ball. His wife walked in.

“Take that tape off her.”

“We’re playing a game.”

She left the room and returned a few minutes later to find the dog covered in tape.

“Oh my God. Come here, mommies gonna get that tape off you.”

“She’s gotta do it herself. That’s the game.”

“One day she’s gonna turn on you for treating her that way.”

“It’s called self reliance. She appreciates the challenge.”

“It’s easy for you to claim she likes it when she can’t respond.”

“Let’s do an experiment. We’ll both call her and see who she comes to.”

“I guess I’ll be making all the parenting decisions around here.”

“The only thing you proved is that stupid bitches like guys who treat them bad.”

“We didn’t need her to prove that.” He kissed her.

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