Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keep Away (Retard Continued)

The dog tried to snatch the ball from the recliner but he spun the chair to keep it away from her, and the arm knocked her on the head.

“You’re so mean.”

“She likes it.”

“She likes getting hit in the head with the arm of the chair?”

The dog continued to run in circles trying to catch up to the ball, occasionally changing strategy and going in the other direction.

“No silly, she likes the challenge. She just gets hit in the head sometimes because she’s a retard.”

“Are you ever gonna let her get the ball?”

“She’s gotta earn it. If it was easy she’d get bored. That’s why all those slave dogs that are trained to do things like fetch and roll over and not shit on the carpet just lay around like they wish someone would shoot em.”

"Yeah, what a terrible thing it would be to have a dog that obeyed."

He snatched the ball up from the chair and ran down the hallway with the dog in tow.

“Look how happy she is. You can keep your training. I want a dog that thinks for itself.”

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