Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bored (Retard continued)

People thought he stopped talking because she left, but in reality she left because he stopped talking.

He threw the ball across the yard and the dog raced it down and snatched it up without breaking stride. She ran back with it, pretending to return it to him, but changing her mind and running away with it, as she always did.

“I don’t feel like chasing you down today.”

He turned away from her and looked out over the fence at the falling sun. She came up behind him and placed the ball in his hand that hung at his side. He turned back towards her and looked at the ball, rolling it through his fingers while thinking something else.

“Don’t you ever get bored of doing the same thing?”

He threw the ball and then turned and walked across the fallen leaves, looking down and noticing how they crunched under his feet. He sat down in a chair under a tree and just stared into nothingness. The dog returned with the ball, and when he ignored her she rested her chin on his knee. He petted her pointy ears downward and did a stupid doggie voice.

“You’re such a retard aren’t you? Are you trying to cheer me up with that retarded expression on your face?”

He took the ball from her.

“I’ll bet you could chase this ball forever and never get tired of it. But I can’t throw it forever.”

He stood up.

“Fine one more time”

He sat back down and watched as she chased the ball down once again.

“I wish I was a retard.”

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